• Thanks for Visiting Nexteck's Booth E5-5706 in Electronica China 2018Hit Rating:2294
    2018-04-11 11:41:08 Posted in:Exhibition/Fair From:http://www.nexteck.co.uk

    Electronica China 2018 was ended successfully. Nexteck's activities were welcomed by customers and potential customers who took part in question answering and following company wechat or playing a game about products for exchanging a backpack which can be pulled or shouldered. We do hope the backpack can bring you more convenience and make your business trip more relaxed. It w...

  • NEXTECK take part in ELECTRONICA China 2017 Hit Rating:1943
    2017-04-20 13:39:00 Posted in:Exhibition/Fair From:http://www.nexteck.co.uk

    Electronica china 2017 is held on Mar14-16 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is the leading exhibition in electronic industry. Nexteck displays new alloys products for Aerospace, Military, Medical, Measurement, Automobile and thermo-electric  and introduce the application of our precision alloys and sputtering targets on electronics components and resistors and ...

  • Strong alternative to silicon in sensorsHit Rating:1482
    2017-07-21 17:17:14 Posted in:Information/Research From:http://www.materialstoday.com

    The technological future of everything from cars and jet engines to oil rigs, as well as the gadgets, appliances and public utilities that comprise the internet of things, will depend on microscopic sensors.

  • Int'l Wind Energy ExhibitionHit Rating:1237
    2017-07-21 17:04:59 Posted in:Exhibition/Fair From:http://tofairs.com/

    Husum Wind (Int'l Wind Energy Exhibition) takes place in Husum, Germany from 12.09 to 15.09.17. Trade show is organized by Messe Husum. As the platform for the cutting-edge technology, variety and the innovative power of the German market and surrounding regions, the exhibition reflects the whole value chain.

  • New metal processing technique shows refined ‘green’ credentialsHit Rating:1663
    2017-07-14 17:48:54 Posted in:Information/Research From:http://www.materialstoday.com/

    A team of chemists in Canada has developed a way to process metals without using toxic solvents and reagents. Their process, which also consumes far less energy than conventional techniques, could greatly shrink the environmental impact of producing metals from raw materials or from post-consumer electronics.