• Scientists Develop Low-Cost Energy-Efficient Iron-Based AlloysHit Rating:2243

    An international team of scientists from the National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" (NUST MISIS), Tianjin University (China), as well as from Japan and the United States, has developed new energy-efficient iron-based alloys, which combine high mechanical and magnetic properties with low cost and open up new opportunities for industry.

  • Lightweight, low-density 'plastic' goldHit Rating:2248

    New developed plastic gold might look like any old 18-carat nugget of gold, while unlike a typical chunk of the bright metal, it gives a much lower density than regular gold. Golds, as well as metal alloys, are Nexteck Technoloy's important products.

  • Ultrasound can Improve the Tensile Strengh and Yield Stress of 3-D-Printed AlloyHit Rating:3775

    Researchers have used sound vibrations to shake metal alloy grains into tighter formation during 3-D printing. This is the gospel of the alloy world, including alloy manufactures, like Nexteck Technology.

  • Formation and Classification of AlloysHit Rating:4272

    Combining several elements in different proportions forms an alloy. When an alloy consists of two components, it is called a binary alloy, like NiCr8020, CuNi10 of Nexteck Technology. An alloy with three components is a ternary alloy, like CuMn12Ni and CuMn7Sn, and an alloy with four components is a quaternary alloy, such as .

  • The Performance of Alloys Precede Pure MetalsHit Rating:3235

    Pure metals possess few important physical and metallic properties, such as melting point, boiling point, density, specific gravity, high malleability, ductility, and heat and electrical conductivity.