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Electrothermal Alloy is An Important Industrial Alloy Material

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Alloy material is an important industrial raw material in the 21 century. Industrial metal elements play an irreplaceable advantage in industrial production in different fields. The application of alloy materials and the invention of new metallurgical technology to popularize the birth of various alloy materials. According to the composition of the chemical elements contained and the structure of the materials, electrothermal alloy materials are divided into Fe-Cr-Al series and the nickel-chromium series. Two kinds of electrothermal alloy materials have been widely used because of their properties and advantages.


The Fe-Cr-Al electrothermal alloy has a high operating temperature, the highest operating temperature can reach 1400 degrees. It also has the advantages of long service life, high surface load, good oxidation resistance ability, high resistivity and low price. The disadvantages of Fe-Cr-Al electrothermal alloy are the low strength at high temperature. Its plasticity increases with the increase of service temperature, the components are easily deformed, and it is not easy to bend and repair.

The advantages of Ni-Cr electrothermal alloy are higher hot strength than FeCrAl, not easy to deformed, better plasticity , easy to repair, high radiance, nonmagnetic, strong corrosion resistance and  long service life. Due to the use of scarce nickel-metal materials, the price of Ni-Cr electrothermal alloys is several times higher than that of iron, chromium and aluminum.


Electrothermal alloy products are generally made into fine wire (electric heating wire), round wire, flat strip (resistance tape). Under special requirements, they can also be made into pipes and castings. Each kind of electrothermal alloy has the characteristics of high resistivity, thermal fatigue, corrosion resistance and high temperature shape stability. It can effectively convert electric energy into heat energy. The electrothermal alloy forms a dense oxide film on the surface at high temperature and has very good oxidation resistance. Electrothermal alloys are widely used in metallurgical machinery, medical treatment, chemical industry, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, glass and other industrial heating equipment and civil heaters, which play a very important role in industrial field and our daily life.