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CuTi Alloy Properties and Applications

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Nexteck  alloys has a wide range product offerings from copper nickel alloy, nickel chrome alloy to ferro-nickel- aluminium and more. Copper titanium alloy is a new and popular products for this special properties.

Nexteck copper titanium alloy include CuTi3 / CuTi3.2Fe0.2 at present. It is a beryllium-free ultrahigh-strength copper alloy with excellent strength and bend formability equal or superior to those of mill-hardened beryllium copper.


CuTi3 / CuTi3.2Fe0.2 is widely used as an alternative alloy features the highest level of stress relaxation resistance among copper alloys and keeps contact force at high temperatures. They are applied to switches, connectors and other electronics. It is

the best substitution of beryllium copper alloys.