Fluorescent Powder

NEXTECK offers three kinds of fluorescent powder for white light LED.

Specifications of white light LED fluorescent powder

Wavelength(nm) Emission spectra CIE coordinate Diameter of granule(D50)μm
PL-540C 544 (x=0.4332, y=0.5431) 11~13
PL-560C 568 (x=0.4416, y=0.5348) 11~13
PL-625(Nitride) 618 (x=0.6277, y=0.3715) 9~11

Item No. Color Luminance value(PL) Proportion Granule distribution(D50) Compatible wavelength(λd)
PL-540C Yallow ≧98* 1.2 7~10um 450~470±1nm
PL-560C Salmon pink ≧100* 1.2 15um 460~470±2nm
PL-625 Salmon pink ≧98* 1.2 7um 450~470±1nm

*Luminance value (PL) are tested through comparison with the standard sample provided by Taiwan HUNG-TA, one of the agent of NEMOTO & CO., LTD. in Japan.

Meanwhile, we can offer fluorescent tablet used for LED encapsulation. There are three kinds of fluorescent tablet measured in thickness 50μm, 75μm, 100μm.