Solar Module

Solar modules, which are widely used in ground mounted utility-scale PV plants, large-scale and small civil and commercial power generating system such as BIPV combined to the grid, roof-mounted PV power system, rural electrification, communications, emergency auxiliary power. NEXTECK, as one of the solar module supplier, has the capability to offer a wide range of advanced, high performance solar modules with integrated high efficiency. Energy efficient and cost effective Mono crystalline and Polycrystalline, amorphous silicon and CIGS thin film solar cells are available. We have the right products for different applications.
Structure of Solar Cells:
Solar PV module is comprised of some solar cells which are connected in serial with high efficiency and enhanced reliability. The solar cells are laminated between sheets of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and high-clarity low-iron tempered glass.

Key Features of Silicon solar cell module

● Utilize high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells.
● Long life-span, good reliability and low attenuation.
● High-clarity tempered glass with high mechanical strength.
● Encapsulated in a watertight junction box for safe power output.
● Can withstand strong wind, rain, hail, and other adverse whether condition.

Key features of a-Si thin film solar cell module

● Comparatively high light absorption co efficient.
● Lower cost due to simple procedure and equipment to manufacture amorphous silicon.
● Energy saving than silicon to produce amorphous silicon.
● Excellent performance under low light environments.

Key features of CIGS thin film solar cell module

● Low temperature coefficient and high performance to generate power in high temperature.
● More than 100 times of silicon consumption than silicon solar cell and therefore, reduce the cost considerably.
● Shorter in return of investment and rate of return of investment is much higher.
● Can withstand strong wind, snow, and varieties of extreme low temperature.