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Backing Plate


One of the most important process in sputtering is to ensure the target and the Backing Plate is bonded soundly to provide maximum thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. A properly bonded Sputtering Target will normally give a longer working life than a non-bonded target, may enhance the efficiency to achieve faster sputtering rates and will enable thin film coefficient meet the requirement exactly. In order to meet sputtering requirement, NEXTECK offers both Backing Plates and bonding services. We can provide a full range of Sputtering Target Backing Plates according to either a given equipment specification or customized requirement. We also provide bonding service as below.

Bonding Methods

Indium-based Metallic Bonding

All Indium based metallic bonded targets include a sputtered metal intermediate bonding layer on the “bonded” side of the target, which acts as a barrier layer protecting the targets material integrity from diffusion of the hot primary bonding metal alloy. The metal bonding technology offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and is compatible with either DC or RF power supplies. Metallic bonding can withstand temperatures up to 156℃.

Elastomer Bonding

Elastomer bonding is a proprietary bonding method that was initially developed for bonding materials that were impossible to effectively bond with metals. Interest in this bonding technique has grown considerably in the last few years and now accounts for a high percentage of our business. As indium prices have increased, Elastomer bonding has become a cost effective alternative, especially where both the target and Backing Plate are consumable and indium reclaim is unrealistic.

Backing Plate Material: Cu/Al/Ti/Mo/Stainless steel.
Bonding Size: 2,000 × 1,500 mm
Turnaround Time: 1-3 days
Bonding Integrity: More than 95% coverage